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Valentines Scavenger Hunt

Are you looking for Valentine Scavenger Hunt ideas?

Valentines Day is not just for sweethearts!
It is celebrated by all ages and can be the theme for a wonderful party. Why not get the party started in a fun way, learning about the symbols of Valentine’s Day while hunting for some sweet treats?
The Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt is designed for the home or any area large enough to allow children to circulate in search the items in their clues.
Feel free to substitute pictures if you do not have real roses, anthuriums, or bleeding hearts. The Internet has many lovely images available. The Valentine’s Scavenger Hunt has taken the work out of locating hiding places, as they are familiar, common in most homes, and included in the clues. You will love this scavenger hunt. XXOO!

Our Valentines Scavenger Hunt is nicely designed, ready to print and use right away!

It has 16 custom created clues, check the example preview page below:

Example Christmas scavenger hunt clues
BONUS Item! We know how important is to send an outstanding invites to all your party guests. So we have prepared a beautiful Valentines party invitation template. Feel free to download and use it!

Valentine scavenger hunt party invitation
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Ages: Suitable for all ages
Number of Clues: 16