Team Building Scavenger Hunt

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Team Building Scavenger Hunt

The Team Building Hunt is prefect for business, education, and any other group where team work is key! There is very little reason for leaders to think employees sincerely enjoy or learn from most team-building activities. More often than not, eyes discreetly roll as employees fade into robot mode, paste a smile on, and participate in the well-intentioned plans of their leaders. Unfortunately, time and money are wasted, and the activities meant to stimulate workers have they opposite effect. Returning to work or preparing for a kick-off event doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming to be effective. What is needed is a way for people to connect. For that purpose, the Team-Building Scavenger Hunt was created. The Team-Building Scavenger Hunt builds on the premise that a wealth of untapped resources for productivity is available within the place of business, while they are not always visible or audible. The thought-provoking questions make this the ideal tool for individuals to personally and collaboratively measure the impact and contributions of their team. Skills honed in the Team-Building Scavenger Hunt will encourage the staff to attack problem-solving more creatively and cooperatively with resources already in place in the individuals surrounding them.

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Ages: From Teen to Adult

Number of Clues: 30