Metaphor Scavenger Hunt

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Metaphor Scavenger Hunt

A metaphor is the comparison of one thing to another without the use of like or as. Good writers use metaphors to create powerful word pictures. Writing, “My boss is a bear,” tells the reader succinctly and effectively what kind of person the boss is. Metaphors are widely used in the English language to communicate images that are familiar to most people. Used by teachers to hone writing skills, this engaging and mind-stretching activity will provide a better understanding of metaphors and encourage students to experiment with creating their own unique metaphors.
Example clues you'll find in this hunt:
"China was my most famous work, but when I come between people, suspicions lurk."
"Wear me on your bald head when you lose your hair. Use me on the floor rather than leave it bare."

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Ages: From 10 to Adult

Number of Clues: 30