Christian Scavenger Hunt

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Christian Scavenger Hunt

Christian Scavenger Hunt may be used to preview upcoming lessons, or as a review for reinforcement either inside or outdoors. The movement and clever clues are sure to bring smiles to leaders and learners alike.
Christian Scavenger Hunt Clues Game
The items and clues focus on Old and New Testament stories that have taught generation after generation that there is a divine plan in history and a purpose in human life.
God, the author of creativity, promises that His Word does not return empty, so use this fun activity to help hide Scripture in the hearts of all who participate. When we study the Scriptures, we should always be careful to seek the true meaning of the words that were inspired by God.
Because we believe that all teaching must be substantiated by the Word of God, we have included the appropriate Bible verses for your affirmation.
Use our ideas and your own God-given creativity to provide an experience that young learners will want to do again and again. Blessings!
You know your own surroundings best, but to help organize and facilitate an efficient scavenger hunt, we have included a template for writing the designated hiding place for both your clues and hunted items. Feel free to pick and choose which clues you wish to use, or use them all. You may choose only those pertaining to current instruction. With 30 clues available, your scavenger hunt will continue to be fresh and exciting. The Bible verses are given to support the information in the clue, but should not be read by the participants, as they will give the answers. Simply fold on the solid line to conceal the Scripture, and use the reference for discussion following the scavenger hunt.

Example clues you'll find in this hunt:
Example Christian Scavenger Hunt Clues
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Ages: From 5 to Adult
Number of Clues: 30