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Many nice invitations for your scavenger hunt party


How are you inviting your friends to a scavenger hunt party?

You can of course just send them an email, text or Skype but hey, there is a way to impress them!

We heard from many of our blog readers and visitors that nicely designed invitation to scavenger hunt party always comes in as a nice surprise to the guests. Especially if you are expecting kids to come to your party.

We have created several of such scavenger hunt party invitations and decided to share them with all our readers for free. You just have to download and print them. And we are sure your party guests will be really impressed!

Check all the invitations we have created and feel free to download and use them. Let us know how you feel about them!

Independence Day Party Invitation

Happy 4th July everyone! We have created printable Independence day party invitation so you can invite all your neighbours and friends to celebrate together. Download it free! and Enjoy!

Independence day party invitation

Easter Egg Hunt Party Invitation

Our designer has created this beautiful Easter Egg Hunt party invitation for you and your friends to use! Download it for Free! Enjoy!

Easter Egg Party Invitation Free

Valentines Scavenger Hunt Party invitation

This invitation is created to accompany our Valentines scavenger hunt or to be used as separate invitation. Download the invitation here.

valentines scavenger hunt party invitation

Halloween Scavenger Hunt Party invitation

Surprise your friends with the scavenger hunt game invitation. It’s designed to be used as part of Halloween scavenger hunt clue game or as separate invitation. Download the invitation here.

helloween scavenger hunt invitation

Christmas Scavenger Hunt Party invitation

We have designed nice and simple Christmas scavenger hunt party invitation. Download the invitation here.

helloween scavenger hunt invitation