Bible Name Scavenger Hunt

Ages: Teen - Adult
Number of Clues: 30

Be careful what you name the baby!

Are you pondering what to name the baby, or have you wondered what some of the popular names from the Bible mean? Hopefully, you will do the research and choose a name your child will “grow into” and enjoy as well. Try to avoid names like Methuselah or Shearjashub! Have fun finding the popular and quite common names that bear these Biblical meanings.” This fun scavenger hunt would be great to play a baby shower, or fun for the whole family expecting a new baby. You may want to have one of those “name your baby” books available when you get stuck. Hint: All are Bible names.

Example clues you'll find in this hunt:

"Sweet as honey or stinging, my name means "bee" "

"What a beautiful name to match the greatest calling. I am "a strong man of God." "

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